Zoom Tubes

Product Descriptions

Get the first ever toy, where vehicles speed inside pipes instead of on tracks! This Zoom Tubes Main Kit has crazy builds; the pipes can be configured and reconfigured with one or more loops or they can be built to go up the walls. These vehicles are so fast that they can climb up the pipes. Comes with remote controlled and illuminated vehicle and a strobe light, that adds excitement while creating an awesome light show when in a dark room.

  • Infinite Track Configurations
  • Over 25 Pieces & 12 Feet of Tubes
  • Zoom Up, Zoom Down, Zoom Sideways, and All Around!
  • Hours of Fun For The Whole Family!
  • Comes Apart for Easy Storage
  • RC Race Car Lites & Strobes


Totally Tubular Traction - Zoom Tubes includes over 12 feet of racing tubes to create the track of your dreams.

Zoom Tubes connect to one another to create infinite track configurations. Zoom up, zoom down, zoom sideways, and all around!


  • Included: 8 Curved Tubes; 3 plain straight tubes, 1 straight tube with door, 1 car, 1 remote control, 1 USB Plug
  • Dimensions: 13" X 4 X 13.75


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